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本造り笑来美餅 Warabimochi
福笑来美餅 Fuku
福笑来美餅2 Fuku 2
伝承本造り冷やしあめ湯 Hiyashi Ame
本造り笑来美餅詰め合わせ Assortments
芭蕉せんべい Senbei
上丹波黒粉 Kinako Powder
極上丹波黒豆 Black Beans
Sugar Syrup

Experience grinding beans

There are stone mortars in our Bashoan tearoom to experience grinding black beans.You may spread the powder on the Warabimochi. We also prepare black sugar syrup, bean jam, and tea powder.
The stone mortars are arranged on each table, and the sight is really marvelous!

Surprise !!
The stone mortars look small but they are heavier than we imagine. Put 2-3 grains of beans each time, and turn the mortar anticlockwise.

It must be hard for girls to grind so you may stand to grind since is it is difficult while sitting.
"Crush crush!!"
You feel and hear the sound of the beans being grinded.
Keep turning the mortar for a while, the powder starts to come out from the mortar.
It is fun when the powder you make, come out endlessly.The powder contains some black grains because of the skin of black beans.

After making thoses efforts to turn the mortar again and again, you will really enjoy having Warabimochi with the powder. Everyone who hasn't used such mortar, or who has, may enjoy it with their friends and family.
Why not come and try?!