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本造り笑来美餅 Warabimochi
福笑来美餅 Fuku
福笑来美餅2 Fuku 2
伝承本造り冷やしあめ湯 Hiyashi Ame
本造り笑来美餅詰め合わせ Assortments
芭蕉せんべい Senbei
上丹波黒粉 Kinako Powder
極上丹波黒豆 Black Beans
Sugar Syrup

Do you Know"Warabimochi" ? What mean "Warabimochi".
How to do "Warabi" powder. Specificities of Bashoudo's "Warabimochi"
Try "Warabimochi" ! how to eat "Warabimochi"

In the Kansai area, the "Warabimochi" is known by everybody. But, in some regions, people eat it in diferent ways and in other regions, people don't even know the word "Warabimochi".


The "Warabimochi" is one of the most popular sweet in kansai area.


For the people of kansai aera, it's a typical summer sweet wich reminds the charm of this period of the year in the old capital. Usually, we eat this soft sweet, soupoudrée with "Kinako" powder . But in the east and the north of japan, people eat it warm with hot sugar sirup.
the name of "Warabimochi" comes from an edible wild plant "Warabi" (bracken) wich is th eraw material of "Warabimochi". As the real Warabi is very expensive, many "Warabimochi" sold in stores are made from a substitute starch such as poteto or tapioca. Some sweet shops use kudzu arrow root starch instead.
"Warabimochi is a translucent, cool, summer sweet as jelly. it's really delecious eaten with kinako powder after having been cooled in refrigerator. You can enjoy the chewy but soft texture and the aroma of kinako powder.