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本造り笑来美餅 Warabimochi
福笑来美餅 Fuku
福笑来美餅2 Fuku 2
伝承本造り冷やしあめ湯 Hiyashi Ame
本造り笑来美餅詰め合わせ Assortments
芭蕉せんべい Senbei
上丹波黒粉 Kinako Powder
極上丹波黒豆 Black Beans
Sugar Syrup

Do you Know"Warabimochi" ? What mean "Warabimochi".
How to do "Warabi" powder. Specificities of Bashoudo's "Warabimochi"
Try "Warabimochi" ! how to eat "Warabimochi"

In our "Bashoan" cafe, we propose to our customer that they grind black beans by themselves and sprinkle the powder over our "Warabimochi".


You can also cool your Warabimochi in a refrigerator..


By the way, the "Warabimochi" is eaten in hot sugar sirup in kanto region (it's also tasty).

"Now, we propose our way to eat it"

You may put it in a freezer, and you eat it when it just start to be frozen. You will enjoy the new texture of "warabimochi"

If you discover any other good way of eating it, let us know.