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本造り笑来美餅 Warabimochi
福笑来美餅 Fuku
福笑来美餅2 Fuku 2
伝承本造り冷やしあめ湯 Hiyashi Ame
本造り笑来美餅詰め合わせ Assortments
芭蕉せんべい Senbei
上丹波黒粉 Kinako Powder
極上丹波黒豆 Black Beans
Sugar Syrup

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Umeda Skybuilding shop
Skybuilding website
Tel 06-6440-5928 90-B 1-1 Chome, Oyodanaka, Kitaku, Osakashi, 534-0076
open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm no close day

The theme of this tearoom is the old good days in Osaka, in Showa Period.
You will have the image of a small street, a lot of red paper lantern in a sunset.
There is a statue of the god Inari, and a well beside the stone-paved street.
.Bashouan is placed at a corner of the lively street where many small shops lines.



Noda Shinbashi shop
2-17, 2 Chome Yoshino, Fukushimaku, Osakashi
Tel: 06-6644-0151
no close day

This shop is opened as a tearoom in 1984 at first, but now it's settled as our product shop since the space was confined for a tearoom.
Nevertheless, this shop is the starting point of our running tearooms.The area Noda still remains as it was before the war because it wasn't destroyed.
Not far from Noda station, there is "the kitchen of Osaka", Osaka central market, and incidentally The founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd, Kounosuke Matsushita started his business in this neighborhood.This is such an interesting area to take a walk around.